Medic First Aid International, Inc. 

EMP America, Inc. and EMP International, Inc., founded in 1978, had grown into a profitable family business before revenue stagnated following September 11, 2001 and the recession that followed. The company was fighting industry commoditization and increasing competition and the owners did not have a growth plan or exit strategy. Although the market offered substantial growth opportunity, the business was not sufficiently prepared to accommodate an exit for the founders who were ready to retire after more than twenty years.

Owner Transition

A transition plan was implemented to help the founders exit the business on their terms and timeline. The two entities were merged together in early 2003 to form MEDIC FIRST AID International, Inc. Using our tested growth levers and hands-on operating process, various marketing and technology initiatives were implemented to grow the company, increase enterprise value and position for a private equity recapitalization. 

We facilitated development of a 3-year strategic plan with prioritized action plans to deliver dramatic improvement in revenue growth and operating results and developed detailed budgeting, KPIs, and cash flow forecasting.  We also developed investor relationships to ensure availability of growth capital, increased brand awareness and inbound lead generation, landed new distributors, expanded industry strategic alliances, diversified programs and services from a publishing model to online learning, and designed and built a scalable online platform to manage training and assets related to defibrillator maintenance.  

In just a few years, the business was successfully transformed from a family owned publishing business to a nationally recognized regulatory training and compliance growth company that has since become known as Health & Safety Institute, Inc. 

Together, we:

  • Increased annual revenue run rate from 3% to over 55%.
  • Drove 850% EBITDA increase in less than four years.
  • Developed three new market niches and increased gross margins from 60% to 70%.
  • Created a strategic roadmap for the pathway to the future, owned and executed by the members of the newly formed executive leadership team.
  • Scaled enterprise value 25x since the initial investment in 2002.
  • Led the sale of MEDIC FIRST AID International, Inc. to a high profile private equity firm and merged with a competitor that doubled the size.
  • Completed several additional strategic acquisitions making the business a recognized leader in its industry.
  • Exited to another private equity investor in 2012.

Today, Health & Safety Institute, Inc. is the largest privately held emergency care and safety training business in the United States. The company is positioned for additional growth and has scaled to size where additional equity events are likely.