Building sustainable asset value is our business. Through our advisory services, we plug in where you need us and establish a proven system to drive revenue and EBITDA growth.


Many entrepreneurs and founders lack trusted advisors who have walked in their footsteps, responsible for employees, meeting customer demands, producing quality products and managing cash flow. EGN becomes a trusted partner with CEO’s and founders and shares experiences, contacts and other resources to supplement decision-making and provide another voice.


Strategic Planning

Developing a multi-year roadmap for your business is essential in the value creation process. EGN helps evaluate the markets where your company will thrive, refines the value proposition, keeps the focus on expanding competitive advantages and identifies resources needed to drive sustainable EBITDA growth.  


Strategic Finance

Managing cash flow and allocating resources in high growth companies can be challenging. EGN helps support your accounting staff and translates strategic plans into operating budgets. We establish a process to review progress, analyze results and adjust as necessary, while maintaining an outlook to the future and what resources are needed to sustain growth.



Operating Plans

Sustainable EBITDA growth is created with incremental changes that require ongoing attention and refinement. EGN works with management teams to establish tactical operating plans using 90-day action plans. We measure progress using key performance indicators and then help you adjust and prioritize according to the results.

Optimizing Growth

Accelerating revenue growth and increasing profit margins requires precise sales and marketing execution. EGN works with your team to test and measure programs and identify the best ROI for each campaign. Using our extensive network, EGN can also provide industry specific mentors and marketing resources to accelerate and optimize sales efforts.