Strategic Planning: Developing a multi-year roadmap for the business is essential in the value creation process. EGN helps evaluate the markets where your company will thrive, refines your value proposition, keeps you focused on improving your competitive advantages and aware of the resources needed to drive sustainable EBITDA growth.

Operating Plans: Sustainable EBIDA growth is created with incremental changes based on focused annual operating plans supported with detailed operating budgets. EGN works with owners and management teams to create operating plans split into 90-day action plans.  We measure progress using key performance indicators and then help you adjust according to the results.

Growth Implementation: Accelerating revenue growth and increasing EBITDA margins requires sales and marketing execution. EGN works with your team to test and measure programs and identify the best ROI for each campaign. Using our extensive network, EGN can also identify industry specific mentors and marketing resources to accelerate sales efforts.