Entrepreneur's Growth Network provides innovative financing to emerging companies. Working together, we accelerate growth and scale EBITDA to a size where valuation multiples are higher and institutional investors are active.  

Exit Planning

EGN is an experienced financial partner that can help grow your business and increase value before a liquidity event. Entrepreneurs that can attract private equity investors usually create substantial wealth and we are the experts that know how to do it. We teach business owners how investors evaluate companies by sharing scorecards and other tools commonly used by private equity firms; then we build a plan together and share in the upside value created.   

Growth Capital

EGN invests in companies that have not yet reached sufficient size or scale to attract private equity buyers. We often leave owners in control positions and invest when there is a compelling growth opportunity, a strategic acquisition, a potential industry-changing product or service, or a leadership opportunity in an emerging market. Together, we work tirelessly to improve the odds of a successful capital event and scale EBITDA to a size where valuations are higher and private equity investors are active.


EGN can lead a recapitalization when an entrepreneur seeks liquidity, wants to continue as CEO or in a strategic advisory role, and seeks a trusted growth partner to help lead the business. In addition to financing, EGN helps build the vision and partners with management to execute the growth strategy using a team of experienced mentors. At the next exit, we anticipate that our entrepreneurs will be in a position to reinvest again with a larger private equity buyer and continue to create wealth through increased enterprise value and multiple liquidity events.